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The Mowry’s - Tia, Tamera, Tajh, Tavior, with their parents and children Cree and Aden.


Episode #14: Sister, Sister (3x7): ‘Halloween’

Original Airdate: October 25, 1995

Summary: The twins borrow Ray’s car on Halloween to search for a party, but end up at the Canadian border and on the late-night news.

  • Lisa: You are cordially invited to a Halloween party…Halloween, people are going to be in costumes, Ray.
    Ray: I don’t have a costume.
    Lisa: I’ll loan you one my cousin was going to wear. He got into the candy corn too early and now he’s too fat to wear it.
  • Tamera: Lets squirt them with some silly string.
    Tia: No! Tamera, they’re just children.
    Tamera: Oh, I guess you’re right. Boy, no party, no scaring little kids. Why don’t we skip right to Thanksgiving?